What Aspects of Dogs Health Should You Worry About?

What are the most serious risks to dogs health that every dog owner should think about? There are several, but the few that we mention here are the most risky and the most overlooked. Note that a dog should be taken to a vet for a thorough check up within the interval that the pet advises.

1. Look for obesity in the dog. This is usually overlooked and while most people really mind what they eat and what they feed their children, they do not apply the same zeal and zest to their dog. Most dogs are overweight due to lack of proper food and enough exercise. In that regard, the dog could die of heart attack. 

2. Look out for ear infections. Such are very common among dogs and they could cause many problems. You can notice such from the dog constantly scratching his ears or you notice some oozing from the ears. 

3. Then there are worm infections in dogs. Unknown to many people, there are so many of these. From playing and even from food, the dog will most likely collect worms and germs. Deworm your dog for tapeworms, roundworms, hookworms and more. If your dog loses weight, the fur loses its luster and the canine is sickly, you have worms to worry about. 

There are more worries about dogs health, but aforementioned are the most common. 


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